Amphi miles vs hours

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  1. We are debating when to change the Amsoil motor oil in our Amphicar.
    We usually change oil by mileage; however with Amphi, we spend more
    time on the water than we do on land. It is useless to try to keep
    an hour log as often as we are in and out of the water. We are
    wondering if anyone knows of a simple hour meter that may be attach
    to our engine so that we may change oil by accumulative hours. We
    try to change our street cars oil at 2500 miles. How many hours
    relate to miles in Amphi and how many hours should elapse when using
    Amsoil before changing the oil and filter?
    Marty & Caryl
    '64 Turq

    Purchase an hour meter from J C Whitney. Attach it to the PTO light on
    the dash. 50 hrs or less is a good figure= about 2500 miles. Have one,
    works great. PJH

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