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I bought my Ivory 62, which was brand new and unsold, in 1997. I got it from
an old Amphi dealer who had put it away in 1963 after he had trouble selling
the first two of three cars that he purchased to be a dealer. It had 538 actual
miles on it, which was the approximate distance from the distributor to his
shop (plus a few test drives/swims). He said the first one sold immediately,
and the second one didn't sell intil late 1963, so he put this one in the barn
where a whole bunch of old discarded batteries were stored. Unfortunately, the
acid in the air had stripped the paint pretty good, and the dry barn ruined
the top as well, but the steel was fine underneath. It needed a new paintjob and
a top, and all of the rubber seals, but it is one of the nicest ones that I
have ever seen, and we do use it in and out of the water. We have over 1700
miles on it now.

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Ed Price

My Amphi, VIN 101808, has 31,500 miles on the odometer. Is that a record-high
for a US car?

However, from the equipment, I would guess that my Amphi was built in 1962 or
so. It essentially had one previous owner, whose daughter used it for a land car
for a couple of years.

Just for fun, I noticed that there are no cracks in the steering box or original
bracket, and that all bolts are tight. There is less than 0.1" gyration in the
steering gearbox when turning the wheels lock-to-lock while stopped (on smooth

I also noticed that the fuel tank was never equipped with any electric fuel
cut-off valve; just the little motorcycle-style mechanical two-level selector
switch. (My Amphi also never had a bilge blower.)

Well, it should be interesting when I crack open the transmissions and the
engine, in view of that 31k miles figure.

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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