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Con Oamek

<div id="RTEContent">Faxon Auto Literature, Riverside, CA advertises Amphicar literature on ebay from time to time.

I stopped by today to check their stuff out. They are in an industrial park and 99.9% mail order. The young lady who came to the window/counter was very nice, helpful and accomodating. No they do not have a catalog, but "let me get what we do have for you to look at." She brought up two reprinted books each in a plastic ziploc bag, priced at $49.00 each. They were the Maintenance manual and the exploded parts listing. Both were 8+ inches high and 11+ inches wide. I have the same manuals in a slightly larger format and print. They were very readable, but a little fuzzy; I would probably get out a magnifying glass to look at some of the diagrams. Both are invaluable if you don't already have them; I use mine every time I touch the car.

She made another trip and came
back with 5 or 6 other items. Several were flyers, spec. sheets and reprints of articles. The others were "original" advertising brochures. I had not seen the foldout 1960 brochure before, the car was a prototype, and the black and white brochure was priced around $25.00. Another one, OSB-2 in Gordon's latest flyer for $4.10 was about the same $25.00 price. Interestingly it was stamped with a dealer representatives name and phone number: Hugh S. Gordon Jr. (Hugh, is that you? Somebody is reselling your stuff - well trying to!)

I could hear the workers manning the phone and they seemed very unrushed, personable and helpful; searching the bins to make sure they had the exact book someone wanted. The books were fine, but the prices seemed a little high; but, what do I know!

See you at the boat ramp.

Con Oamek
Redlands, CA

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Con - interesting note, especially about Hugh S.Gordon, Jr. ( Is that your pseudonym Hugh ? ). I encountered the 1960 B & W Amphicar Brochure at a flea market about 5 or 6 years ago. It was only $5 and piqued my curiosity. Aside from the silouette differing from our vehicles, having the driver in the center represents quite a difference. A neat addition to one's Amphi literature. At the time, I believe I queried Hugh and learned the origin of the Brochure.

On a different note, I received the Barrett-Jackson brochure yesterday in the mail and see there is an Aqua 1964 Amphi in their offerings for this January auction.. Just makes life interesting.
Vic Nelson with the '67 "Split Personality" near Daytona