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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Mike Israel, Feb 21, 2001.

  1. Mike Israel

    Mike Israel Guest

    Hi All,

    I was just doing some cleanup of my PC and I ran
    across some interesting trivia pertaining to the
    Amphicar lovers digest.

    The Amphi list came into being on July 27, 1998. Some
    of the initial members, besides myself, included Bill
    (Bilgemaster) Connelly, David Chapman, Randi Tusone,
    Mike Echeman, and Doug Parsons. In the early days
    most of the messages revolved around the high price of
    Amphi parts. Of course there were also some inspiring
    stories such as Bilgemaster's exorcism of the mice who
    had taken up lodging in the Old Bouy. We all learned
    to envy Mike Echeman for his ability to find low
    mileage Amphis that had never seen water. Still, at
    that time I was not sure if the list would stay
    afloat! The challenge used to be in getting people to
    post, these days the challenge is keeping up with the

    As of today there are 3,444 messages not counting the
    first six months before we started archiving. (those
    do actually exist on a retired, dusty computer
    somewhere in my basement). As of today, we now have
    178 list subscribers.

    The list was formed for the purely selfish reason that
    I wanted to buy an Amphi and could not find much
    information. These days Amphipoda provides us with
    everything we ever wanted to know but were afraid to
    ask. Mission accomplished!

    Best Regards,

    Mike Israel
    65 Amphi (white)


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  2. Arnold Hite

    Arnold Hite Guest


    Thanks for the history of the list. I remember those days, and before,
    when Huge was the only source of information for me stuck out here in South
    Carolina. I also remember the section in the original Amphicar homepage
    where a member could post a question and others could respond. I remember
    that a new posting would appear at the top, and all others would move down
    one. Once a question would fall below #10 it would disappear. Ten postings
    were the limit. In spite of the limitations that seems to have relative to
    the great list-serve we have now, in those days it was quite an inovation.

    Arnold Hite

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