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    Almost 24 hours had elapsed between Amphi less and Amphi full. Saturday
    the red 66 left. I was a bit low feeling. Then the phone rang. "Dave can
    I bring out a parts car?". Sunday a rusty dented incomplete 66 white
    Amphi slid off the trailer. I tried to offer a neon beer sign for it and
    was rejected. I showed Margie and the kids. It is hard to look at rust
    when the last ride was perfect. Margie did not roll her eyes up into her
    head completely so I knew I was safe. Ray liked color. Imagine if you
    can opening up hood like rolling a sardine can lid. It is rough! I will
    not spend over 8 hours per quarter on this car. I do not want to cringe
    when trees in river bump into car, or when boat ladder rubs. Or at shows
    were unthinking bilges press and scratch the fender. This car will have
    GM alternator, 650 combined watts, minimum 6 speakers cd stereo, neon ,
    Dual carbs, header, cleats, depth finder, I would like to have air
    conditioning like Joel Stewart put on his car. But that is on wish list
    only. This car is a bit unique a 66 with no bilge blower and has painted
    dash. Rusted raised lips will never be again and this 66 will become a
    64. Viva Celina! Later Dave the Wave

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