Amphi Jealousy... Pure & Simple

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Amphipoda San Diego

Inspired by last weekend's Summer weather we
joined our fellow amphibians for a swim. Steve
mentioned something about "what is wrong with
this picture," in an email containing his shiny red
Amphi. Subtle clues of difference told me some-
thing was amiss. So I had some reckoning things
would be different, but I had no idea how different.
They rolled up and immediately I noticed the high
gloss red paint. "Did you wax?" I asked.
"No," was the response.
"Looks like a new one-piece front bumper," I spied.
"No," he replied.
Then I thought to myself - what happened to that
black crinkle paint dashboard?? then it hit me!
This guy bought ANOTHER Amphicar! He's got
two red Amphicars! Oh man was I ever surprised.
Who'd a thunk it? Two Amphis, both red. Now I
know Al and Debra have a pair of White beauties too,
but this just blew me and Mermaid away. Of course
my Amphi is stoked to have another playmate so close
to home, but I have to admit the shock was pretty
awesome. One has to wonder how does one convince
one's wife a second Amphi is appropriate? I mean
what line do you use to even start a conversation
about Amphi number two? "Hey honey, I'm going
down to the market and buy another Amphicar, be
back in half an hour." Or how about, "My dear,
I think it's time we adopt another Amphi, ours is so
lonely he needs a playmate." I don't know, maybe
something more pitiful like, "Look it was only a
matter of time, the temptation was too great, I'm weak

you know, please forgive me for going behind your
back and buying that second Amphicar." Maybe
something more subtle like, "Happy Valentines dear?
hope you like it." In any event, congratulations to
Steve and his lovely, saintly, ever tolerant, mermaid
wife Connie. You have a real beauty there? and
the new Amphi looks great too.
Happy Valentines Day to all our amphibious friends.

'64 Turquoise
Sandy Eggo, CA


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