amphi in tenn


David Derer

We made it down to Tennessee. Parked in an undisclosed area. An
unidentified person or persons said " I know of one of them in a barn,
not far from here." A few days later my Father and I met "The Stranger"
and went to a non discript barn in an area that has no name. The owner
of over 20 years felt bad about getting this old rust free car from a
dry western state and never swiming in it. He told me about wanting to
sell it. I could not take it any more and
................................. This is a TRUE story. Yes they are
still out there. Viva Celina !!! Later Dave the Wave

Cap''n John

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> DID YOU BUY IT ?????

Durn it, I just used my last check on the Public Service bill! Maybe
next time!