Amphi in a "Gentlemens" flick (re-post)

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I wrote this awhile back, but its still
a timely topic today...
Never been much of a voyeur myself, but I
do enjoy seeing unique species frolicking
in the wild. So I have some vested interest
in obtaining a copy of that German/Africa
(aka Passion Screams in the Jungle) flick,
in fact Amphi has insisted upon it. But
purely for educational/research purposes
of course. Refer to prior scientific posting
on Amphi mating and gender determination
by yours truly at the following web address;
But I digress. The director must have been a
genius of some sort combining monkeys, an
Amphicar and sex all in one film... such classic
innovation is surely worthy of some kind of an
award. Perhaps we could locate some of the
films participants and have them join us in
Celina 2001? Maybe my old connections
at Mystery Science Theater would consider a
dubbing session too. I can see the makings of
a true cult classic here. This could be bigger
than "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Amazon Sex
Slaves From Saturn" combined. I hope you are as
excited about this as Amphi and I... Please
keep us posted on that re-release date there
Bilgemaster. We'll make history!

`64 Turquoise
San Diego