Amphi gets a heated garage...

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  1. After bugging our heating contractor enough times to get his
    attention, he put us on his schedule for installing a heater in our
    garage. The guys showed up on time and the thing went up like
    clockwork, I had the utilities all there and ready, had the space
    cleaned out, the only snag we found was where our previous owner had
    cut the gas pipe somewhere in the basement for some reason, the guys
    had to re-threaded the ends and finally couple their work.

    Amphi was sitting there in the garage and one of the contractors said
    "That's the car I've been seeing and telling everybody about, It does
    go in the water doesn't it! I saw one in (some town) was it yours?"
    I asked "What color was it?" he says "Red" I said "Ours is
    Turquoise, I don't think it was us."

    The insulation guys won't be able to come out until late December. It
    gets down in the minus degrees in December around here, we may do it
    ourselves. I'm keeping the temperature at a minimum 41 degrees F
    which feels better than it does outside.

    Amphi is now warm, the cats are warm too but their bilge won't freezes
    if accidentally left out. I did install a cat flap door for them to
    learn to use. LEARN TO USE, Have you ever tried to help a cat learn
    anything? Need I say more? Me and the kids have been pushing them
    through the door, first from one side then the other, it's real funny.
    They will LEARN to use it. We have six cats, so don't any of you
    think we are mistreating ours in any way, shape or form, we don't need
    a visit from PITA or what ever that group is. They all have food and
    water just inside that little swinging door.

    We were hoping for another swim before the ice came in and before the
    wheels come off for maintenance to begin, the water is so smooth now
    without all the boats, hey, that's ice out there, already, can an
    Amphicar cut through ice?

    Marty & Caryl
    BUOYANT '64 Turq, WI
  2. David Chapman

    > Amphi is now warm, the cats are warm too but their bilge won't

    The heating is a good idea, my garage where the Amphis sleep is heated (and
    carpeted !!) but more important is humidity, I have a dehumidifier going for
    about 6 months of the year, it costs just pennies to run and it pulls up to
    a gallon of water out of the air each day.

    This really does make a difference to rust and other corrosion problems, I
    can leave a sheet of steel unprotected for weeks and it just doesn't rust,
    very different from my non dehumidified garage !

    There is a magic number for percentage of humidity below which nothing
    rusts, I can't remember what it is, I try to stay below 70% but thats not
    always possible !

    David Chapman in the UK (where it is very wet - hasn't stopped raining for
    more than a few hours since September !)

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