Amphi-flowers for Valentine Mermaids


Mike Israel

Hi All,

One more pitch on the annual Amphi-flower appeal. Thanks to those of you who
placed orders already. Both I and your mermaids appreciate it.

As you are aware, this list is provided as a free service for all amphi-lovers
out there. I consider myself fortunate to be able to administer it. The only
thing I would ask is if you are planning to order flowers for your loved ones as
Valentine's Day approaches do consider placing your order with Grower's Flowers
using the following link. I discovered this outfit as a customer and many other
list members have been impressed by the excellent prices and awesome quality.
The Wall Street Journal gave them the highest rating a while back for on-line

If you use the following (or preceeding) link it will not cost you any more but
Grower's kicks back a few $$ into my account for every order. Thus, maybe I
will finally get those rear quarters redone before Celina!

Mike Israel
List / Digest Admin
65 Amphi (White)

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