Amphi Exhaust Manifold Needed



Hi all--its Ken in de swamps(relax spell checkers,its spelled that
way here)--I have the vapor lock problem from hell on mine--tried
lots of stuff, different carb, extra insulator plate, clothes pins,
ect ect but every now and then it leaves me stranded until it cools
down and will start. Its deffinately flooding--if I take the air
cleaner off after shut down you can hear the fuel start to boil in
the carb bowl and watch fuel drip into the manifold--carb gets so hot
you can't leave your hand on it. As long as its running its ok but
still too hot for me.
My next solution is to separate the exhaust part from the intake
part, but rather than ruin this one I'm hoping to find another to
experiment with. if you have an extra, even if it has broken studs or
cracked somewhere let me know--I'll buy or trade.
Dave about your oil cooler thoughts--I'd be curious to see actual
temps with oil cooler and without cooler--same with water temps with
the air flow as is and reversed with it blowing out instead of in??
But since these things run so hot as is, I dont know that the
synthethic oil is any solution.
And Dave if you are interested in a better oil cooler I have some
really nice aluminum aircraft coolers that cost our military $1500
but have been selling for $50-they are about 6"X"X2" thick--work
great on Lycoming 150HP so except for not being original would be
great for Amphi---how about a trade for that exhaust manifold,contact
me direct if interested.
Thanks all--Ken