Amphi emerges from the PRIMORDIAL MUCK



Amphi emerges from the PRIMORDIAL MUCK
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 13:15:20
Began: 4600 million years ago.

Ended: 33 yrs ago, although sightings still occur.

Length: 4599.99 million years.

4.6 Billion years ago the Earth is a planet of
molten rock. The atmosphere is mainly poisonous
gases. Earth's history begins. The mountains begin
to grow.

1.5 Billion Years Ago. The Earth became cooler.
The continents, lakes, and oceans formed. The air
is warmer and more humid, but still there is little
oxygen. The atmosphere contains sulfur dioxide gas
from the eruptions of the volcanoes. The first life
forms appear in the sea. It is bacteria, the oldest
fossils ever found. As time passes, bacteria, algae,
jellyfish, corals, sponges, worms, and clams
develop. The oxygen begins to build up in the
atmosphere. There is no visible signs of life on
the surface of the Earth... yet!

42 years ago (1961) an amphibious life form
emerged from the primordial muck and began an
8 year reign of recreational fun. This new life form,
the Amphicar, as fossil evidence suggests originated
in what is now called Berlin, Germany. Their perilous
migration over vast oceans and their apparent
proliferation throughout North America during the
1960's indicates these highly evolved creatures were
capable of land and aquatic travel. Although
believed to be extinct, these rare creatures have
been seen in and around inland lakes and rivers.
The legend of Amphicars is perpetuated by rumors
of large gatherings of these bizarre amphibians in
a small lake near Celina, Ohio during late July.
Photographic evidence to be published in the August
2003 National Geographic Magazine will lay to rest
any doubt as to the present day existence of these
strange creatures.

I for one will be in Celina to see first hand if there
is any truth to this Amphicar nonsense.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA