Amphi Declares the Cold War is Over



Amphi Declares the Cold War is Over

Glorious upper 70's temps and
plenty of visitors to the lake. So
naturally Amphi & I doled out rides
like free ice cream on a hot day.
The last ride of the afternoon was
given to a sturdy Russian couple
who apparently got off the plane
within the last few hours. Their
appreciation and affection for
Amphi was unsurpassed, but
the language barrier prevented
us from really understanding what
was being said. Never the less
their smiles & repeated "Tank Use,"
were clear indications they had
just experienced some good old
American hospitality - Amphi style!
Out came the imported Vodka...
this needed no translation, BUT
yours truly neglected to ensure
the doors were locked and sealed.
When the water suddenly splashed
my ankles I hit the alien siren (aka
the Jabasco Water Puppy) bilge
pump and latched the doors. But
the water kept streaming in and
for all the Russians knew this was
part of the ride. The Jabasco kept
pace with the leak and we made it
back to the ramp with soggy socks
and silly grins. Another dozen or
so "Tank Use" of appreciation and
it was off to home for analysis and
repairs. It seems the drivers side
door seal was torn-a-sundder (an 8
inch section completely missing)from
some careless egress. Luckily, during
Gord S. visit he graciously gave me
ample seal material to do the fix &
be back in the lake today. At this
minute I wish to again thank Mike I.
for the alien siren recommendation
and Gord S. for his door seal gift.
You guys helped Amphi and I prevent
an International incident and kept us
swimming this holiday weekend. I'd
also like to recommend to all heads
of state that they consider taking an
Amphi out to better foreign relations.
Hey, it worked for LBJ.
Be well, swim safe. Enjoy your holiday
weekend my fine finned friends.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - San Diego Swim-In is next Saturday
June 1st from 11:00 to 4:00. I hear 2 TV
channels and 2 newspapers columnists
will be joining us for the fun. Hope to see
you there.

Al Heath

>> It seems the drivers side
>> door seal was torn-a-sundder (an 8
>> inch section completely missing)from
>> some careless egress.

I was working only 200 miles out of town last week, so naturally took the
Amphi with me and swam in Austin with Warren a bunch. But in giving many
rides last week, the same thing happened to me. A lot of people don't step
over, but put their foot and kinda roll out of the car, and thus the body
door seal gets a lot of abuse from shoes tearing at it. My seals (from
Hugh) are just the same width (or maybe a couple 1000ths larger) as to the
metal where they glue down. I'm thinking about trimming a tad off so the
top edge isn't quite so vulnerable to getting snagged with a misplaced
shoe. What'd ya think?