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If you've ever attended an Amphicar
gathering, you've probably noticed it
was like herding cats during a parade.
Eventually someone starts to lead the
pack and some will follow, while others
go off and do their own thing. Here in
San Diego we've take to the use of 2-
way communication devices as a method
of keeping in touch whilst on the lakes.
They usually work pretty good if within
a 2 mile radius, but my "el' cheapo" units
were always the subject of ridicule due
their limited channel frequency selection.
Well I got the message... so to speak,
and have now upgraded to the top of the
line in FRS 2-way communication devices.
After exhaustive research on the internet
and advice from some high pressure
horned salesman, I bought a Motorola
Talk-A-Bout T6320. The Motorola
T6300 series has some cool features I'd
recommend for amphibians on the go.
The T6310 has NOAA, FM stereo, and
14 channels + 38 sub channels for all
the Amphi speak every needed on the
water. But if your into gizmos like me...
then I'd recommend the T6320 model
which doesn't have the FM, but does
have the NOAA weather alert, a digital
compass, thermometer, altimeter, and
barometer, plus all the channels, sub-
channels and goodies the other models
offer. I'm happier than a baby beaver
in a toothpick factory with mine. Note
these are NOT for "ship to shore" emergency
situations. They are mainly just for normal
chatting on the water between Amphis
and shore parties. I have no affiliation
with Motorola, or its affiliates, but will
plug anything I find Amphi worthy. This
is officially and Amphipoda endorsed
gizmo. Be great if everyone had one at
Celina, tuned to some obscure frequency
only we amphibians could ramble on. If
has the specs, but they are cheaper at, (about $75 after rebate).
Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - I test drove Al's Amphi CD archive
and for $20 you'd be a dang fool not to
have one these gems in your disk album.
Al must have slaved for weeks making that
CD as its chock full of goodies from the
early dawn of Amphibiousness to recent
technical stuff, movies, hundereds of
photos, links, archives galore, and a
full set Amphipoda lessons. There is
so much stuff on that CD my head spins
faster than my propeller beanie in a big
wind just thinking about it. Buy his CD,
I urge you to BUY HIS CD. It is another
Amphipoda endorsed product!!!


Ya got my A-OK on the 2 way communication devices in Amphi group
activities. Dave the Wave brought some to Lake Geneva last year and
all floating parties were in total communication, which kept the odd
swimmers from branching off in wrong directions, especially at
night. I'm going to take my fine finned buddies advice and check out
some of these new toys.
Thanx for the Poda-Updates,

--- In amphicar-lovers@y..., "amphipoda" <Amphipoda@y...> wrote:
> If you've ever attended an Amphicar
> gathering, you've probably noticed it
> was like herding cats during a parade.
I bought a Motorola
> Talk-A-Bout T6320. > Amphipoda
> '64 Turquoise
> San Diego, CA

Mike Israel

Yes, FRS/GMRS radios are the way to go. I learned
this years ago when the family got separated at
Disney. Personally I like the COBRA units better than
the Motorolas (I own both).

If you really want to have some cool techno toys check
out the latest combination radio/GPS units. With
these you can beam coordinates back and forth and see
on a map exactly where the other party is located.
Garmin has the Rino

Audiovox has a similar unit:
<a href="">\


Mike Israel


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