?Amphi Code?



Changed the water & land tranny gear oils, greased her up and we took
a magnificent swim today on the Rock River down by The Anchor Inn.
The temperature finally reached 70 plus with sunny skies. We were
rudely reminded about how many boats use our favorite spot too. We
have the out of state campers back for the season and they were
coming out of the woodwork or river rocks like you know what, they
were everywhere. We did however take a few new faces for rides. 2
old gals in particular just had a riot, they loved the ride we gave
them and wanted to pay us or buy us a drink or something. We let
them know of the "Amphi Code" that we all share, in that one of the
reasons we bought and drive these little beauties is to give rides to
those who don't own or have never seen one before. We play a unique
part in our society and try to pass along some Amphi awareness.
Have a good and safe Memorial Day.
Marty & Caryl
'64 Turq