Amphi Car Prices for Buyers FAQ


Mike Israel

Hi All,

I was taking a look at the buyers FAQ recently and
realize that it is time to make some updates. Some
parts which were once NLA are now available (i.e.
bumpers). There are certainly many more sources of
information on the web.

I suspect that selling prices have also moved higher
in the past two years but I am not really certain.
Thus, a request for info.

If you have bought or sold an Amphi in the past 2-3
years, please contact me at with
the following info.
- What was the asking price?
- What was the selling price?
- Where did it get sold through (ebay, paper, etc).
- What was the honest condition of the car?
- How much money did it need to make it "right"
- Any other comments.
I will not share your name or personal information
unless you specifically ask that I quote you. I
simply want to be able to share real world buying and
selling experiences.

You can view the current buyer's FAQ at
Any other suggestions for things to include or correct
are welcomed.


Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
List/Digest Admin


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