Amphi Battery


John Friese

Hello Amphi Fans,

I have an Amphicar with the original battery box and hold down. When
I bought the car, some incorrect battery size was jammed into the
battery area with the comment that "the original type was impossible
to get". Perhaps that was so at one time but today I found what I
think is the battery size that was originally in the car and it was at
Sears. It is a Group 22NF and was sitting at my local Sears store
under what they call their "Vintage" line of batteries. It's normally
about $55 but was on some minor sale for $49.50 It seems to fit
perfectly. It has 390 Cold Cranking Amps. Not huge power but should
be plenty for a little four banger.
My battery box looks as though it once had some sort of lining around
the insides, perhaps to insulate it from the engine heat. Does anyone
know of such a thing?
I think the original box and tray area held up is that the original
owner smeared some sort of tar like substance around the whole area to
avoid rust. It looked bad and was messy but it sure worked. I
stripped the tar off and plan to cover the whole area with Black Por
15 and top coat it, at least on the tray, with a paint that matches
the interior color. I've used the stuff a while ago and it appears to
be very tough.

John Friese

Red 67
White 67