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The body work is getting close to being done and I need to come up with a battery box of some type. Is anyone making a replacment for these? I'm considering using a plastic RV box and need to make some brackets to hold it down. I'd prefer to use a tray and box like the factory used though it anyone is making one.



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Gord Souter sells a nice metal box kit just like from the factory. As for the tray, I'm not sure whether Gord, Hugh, or Dave the Wave has some made up. If not, I have a rusty original that we could get the measurements from.


On the subject of a battery tray or Die Hard Battery, etc., I use a
polypropylene ( think it is - anyway a black plastic type material) box which
isolates the battery from the metal of the car and if one really want freedom
from possible acid running down, I strongly endorse use of an Optima Gel
Cell battery which not only loses its charge at 1/10th the rate of a lead acid
battery ( I understand ) but is stronger, lasts longer and cannot possibly
spill. On the same subject, I personally love having an alternator and
voltage gauge which assures me that my battery is always fully charged. In my
Amphicar, I do use a lead acid battery in the above described black box
and it is excellent. I also have an on-off switch on the negative pole if I
am to leave the vehicle unused for an extended period of time. The on-off
switch to which I refer is that gadget with a green knob which is widely
advertised for about $15 and which is readily available at almost any good flea
market for $3 - 5.00 .
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I use a simple battery tray in lieu of a box.* By using a DieHard Platinum
AGM battery I do not need to ever worry about leaking acid.* The battery
just holds to the tray with a simple Pep Boys bracket.* Check here for photo:

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Yes I have a kit for batterys, parts aval, seperatly too.
1st piece is the assembly that welds to the floor beside the engine with straps up each side,
2ed is the box itself, it is as orginal in looks and size, it takes the type 51 battery, 3ed is the brakeket for the top that holds all in place,, the Kits sells for $115.00 for all 3 , and RON will have 2 at Cellina and we will have at Evansville, and Boston too.
Also have the floor piece if yours is rusted in metal or Fibreglass.
I am working on updating my Web saite,, some new Aditions there but parts list is Down for a bit.(