Amphi Atrophy



ATROPHY- (noun) late Latin
1. Decrease in size or a wasting of a body part or tissue.

When I first drove my Amphicar for the first time in August of 2003,
the shocks bottomed out, shifting was difficult and the directionals
flashed very sloooooow. I know my car was suffering from Amphi-
Atrophy. Today I am happy to report that the shocks do not bottom
out, shifting has improved greatly and the directionals flash
quickly. I also had some very freaked out moments when the car hit
a bump or pot hole in the road, the front end would go into a high
speed sway. It no longer does that either.
So I've come to a conclusion that to prevent Amphi-Atrophy, use it.
Get those juices flowing. Granted, my Amphi probibly sat unused for
ten+ years but ask any knowledgable car guy what happens when a car
sits for months or years unused. How about paper gaskets that are
not receiving a dose of fluid?
Quit wasting your body parts! Drive that Amphi!