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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Mike Israel, Apr 16, 2001.

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    This weekend I pulled out the DA sander and started
    cleaning up some areas of the hull that required
    attention. Nothing can turn minor projects into major
    ones faster than an orbital sander. It started with
    my thinking, "Hmm, I ought to hit that tiny rust spot
    on the rear quarter". One thing leads to another and

    Pretty soon I was sanding away near the wheel arch.
    One thing about my Amphi is that the rear arches are
    incorrect as there is no lip as is proper on later
    cars ... or so I thought. Eventually I came across
    what appeared to be a big chunk of Bondo. The words
    of the prior owner rang in my ears, "There is
    absolutely no plastic anywhere on the car, my bodyman
    was threatened with bodily harm...". Yeah, right.
    Turns out that the bondo patch was seperating from the
    arch so I figured it has to come off or it will just
    trap water. I was now starting to regret that I had
    even started on this adventure fearing what I might
    yet uncover. The sander gave way to an even more
    notorious tool, the air grinder. (BTW, when using a
    grinder, do remember to put on a mask and safety
    glasses BEFORE you start turning plastic and metal
    into a fine powder).

    Well, to make a long story short, it turns out that my
    Amphi does have the correct wheel arches. Even more
    surprising was that there were only a few small spots
    of rust-through once I got down to bare metal. For
    some strange reason, the previous owner simply filled
    in the entire lip to create the impression of an
    earlier style quarer panel. All I can figure is that
    maybe he felt this would be more watertight. Now the
    trick will be to match up the paint. The only info I
    received on the color is that it is some sort of frost
    white as sprayed on corvettes in the late 60's or
    early seventies.

    The right side arch received the same bondo treatment
    as the left. Since my goal is to get Amphi back in
    the water I will resist the urge to hit that side
    with my sander until Fall.


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