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Jon March

From classic boats to classic cars: In the other vintage clubs i belong to, one thing is a common concern: as we all age and millennials become older, we are facing a net loss of interest & participation. It is a real challenge for the future. Unlike the past, only the super wealthy will be buyers... and they buy exoticars.
What compounds our particular challenge is this: It doesnt take much to find a laundry list of old & negative "descriptions" in stories, online, on TV ....and worse: even spread verbally by owners.

"its a terrible boat and a worse car"
"was a spectacular failure"
"reputation as a serious ruster"
"never very practical"
"too much maintenance"
"As a car, it handles like a boat"
"underpowered / anemic"
featured in every "Worst Cars of All Time" list
"like pushing a brick through the water"
"Drives like a truck"
"never very popular"
"one of the most unnecessary vehicles ever made"
"the car that revolutionized drowning"
"a folly"
"weirdo fanbase"
"just kinda dorky"
"ugly duckling"
"short, squat and ugly"
"terrible heater"
"zero to 60 in a minute"
"Ugliest Car of All Time"
"horrible turning radius"
"an odd duck"
"Half boat, half car... all ugly"

Lets not perpetuate that!@# My gosh: no car brings the positive impact of ours! So lets speak positively... and not continue spreading the descriptions above as some sort of "Water-Edsel" loser.

...and start saying the things below - and be more mindful to build UP the Amphicar "image" as much more "elite", and less corny. Its too easy to tell a "cutsey" joke line to a reporter...then have it branded forever on the internet: "Water-Failure Car finds Home with Geeky Fans". In a land of competing car-dollars, this is NOT the "branding" we want to strengthen reputation and value.

>>> Instead! - Print this list - and use THESE types of "catchphrases" to describe our cars.
Lets stop using clever jokes and snarky one-liner insults: we are only hurting our own value and reputation as a serious investment...and legitimate classic to be respected as much, or MORE, than other cars!

Mercedes/BMW/Porsche heritage

Marvel of German Engineering

one of the most incredible creations of the futuristic "Space Age"

even with Ferraris & Muscle cars - they steal the crowd at every show!

You never forget the first time you saw one

The show stopper at every car show

Incredibly Rare

We were going to the Moon - a masterpiece of what can be done and manufactured

Incredibly seaworthy

invokes the genius of 007 / James Bond

More smiles and interest than any other classic

Jaws DROP when they see propellors

People cant believe it

So inspiring to see the reaction of the younger generation - exactly whet we need more of.

Unlike other cars, Amphicar action never gets old

Crossed the English Channel in 20 foot seas

The Ultimate "Crossover" vehicle

the only word for them is Amazing

Most fun car ever produced

the only convertible that swims

"Midcentury-Modern" marvel

skyrocketing investment

the ultimate "getlucky"-mobile!
Chicks dig it!

Science Fiction into science fact!

Bigger fins than a 59 Caddy

Designed by the Ferdinand Porsche of Amphibious vehicles
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I disagree. There's no image problem. Everyone loves the cars, and they do well at auctions. Most of the comments you cite are true. It's not a great car, or a great boat, but it IS BOTH! They do take lots of maintenance, and the rust problem is very real as they come from the factory, but can be overcome with a proper restoration.

I don't really care what mine is worth, it's about the fun. I'm going to have fun and be honest with people about the car's flaws and it's great points. And when I'm done I'll pass it on to someone else to have fun with. It's still looked at more than any race car in the pits at the Monterey historics, and everywhere we go people love it. So the snarky comments aren't hurting.

Doesn't this sound a bit like being PC with our cars? Let's lighten up. And oh by the way it has Lucas electricals. And that doesn't seem to be hurting the value of Jags and Aston Martin's......

Jon March

im just saying that (especially when talking to media), we should remember to build UP the reputation
“:the most amazing cars ever built”

...Not “diss” our prize posessions with the old viral catchphrases that perpetuate a loser/poor performer/dangerous reputation.

A lot of your friends have put life savings into our cars...and DO care about their value.

Just saying that we work to be “positive” in our descriptions & public relations
... for the reputation, pride ...and resale for all!
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Hey, it's a fun toy, not an investment.
I am not interested in the opinion of others, about Amphicars, I love them.

Nobody would talk about the Titanic unless she went down.
Only bad news is good news.

And for Germany speaking: Wealthy people rarely buy Amphicars.

Jon March

Do not miss the point: In this ever-litigious age with lawyers looking for $$....and Duck Boat tragedies,
....we would be very foolish to keep jokingly describing our cars as "not good boats & sinking/ruster "failure cars"."

If people keep saying those already too-unflattering media descriptions, and it only takes one unfortunate accident in this "viral world", we are on very thin ice of being "lumped in" as a personal duck-boat "death trap" by the public. Once that bell is rung, we are truly sunk. No more fun - people and their money can very quickly flock away from Amphicars.

Do the right thing - always speak to the POSITIVE aspects.... for the good of yourself...and for us all.

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Jon who cares what people think.
If you enjoy your car/boat that should be all that matters. The Amphicar is a fun car, a fun boat. The public loves seeing them but better than that is Amphicar owners are enjoying them. Not sure if its an investment if you use it for what it is intended to do. That is what makes it special. Enjoy your car Jon. Drive it. Put it in the water and go. Stop tinkering with it.
Have some fun with it. Buy some real estate for an investment..


I'm not even sure how to respond to that. Is there a grassy knoll somewhere I missed? Maybe near the boat launch ramp? God's sake man lighten up. No one is going to mistake an Amphicar for a duck boat, and the only way a lawyer can really sue you (actually your insurance company) is if you are giving rides for money. In any case they'd have no trouble digging up the real design compromises that were made to make a floating car. Not talking about them won't change that.

Obviously we want to have good cars out there with responsible captains so that they don't get a bad reputation and we can't get insurance any more. But that's different than just talking about them.

The problem I see here is that you are confusing an Amphicar with an investment. It's not. Very few cars are. You buy it and restore it because you love it, and if fortune smiles on you, then you make a little money when you sell it. And if you don't it was more fun than that stock you lost money on. And several recent sales, like $92,500 for the rhd car at Mecum, seem to indicate that they are desireable in spite of people having fun talking about their cars.

Rick Mechanic

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I think you should feel wealthy for actually owning an Amphicar. I know I do because as of yesterday I am the proud owner of a 1962 Amphicar. Not only did I buy a wonderful Amphicar I met some wonderful people
Along the way.If you listen to people saying any of those nasty things just tell them that you would love to stick around and listen to their negative statements about Amphicars but are very busy and you have to go swimming with other owners.The Amphicars are valuable both monetarily and the fun you can have with the car.I had an Amphicar before and I sold it wanting a better car because there’s nothing like going in the water with one.What a rush!
Thanks to our new friends from Canada
Rick & Marilyn

Jon March

100% agree! So when talking to people about your wonderful treasure, don't do as so many have in the past, and choose insulting joke-quotes to talk about it! They will take it and twist it every time to make a "headline"

>> These cars are a wonderful and inspiring...and it breaks my heart when, after talking to an owner, a story appears with the writer emphasizing a negative aspect or butt of a joke as the "tagline" or focus. It's a goddamn shame, and often we dont even know WE are the ones who gave the giving the reporter the perfect ammunition.

Just talk POSITIVELY...and lets stop perpetuating those old "Amphi-Insults"
These cars deserve better!
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If people keep saying those already too-unflattering media descriptions, and it only takes one unfortunate accident in this "viral world", we are on very thin ice of being "lumped in" as a personal duck-boat "death trap" by the public. Once that bell is rung, we are truly sunk. No more fun - people and their money can very quickly flock away from Amphicars.

The best we can do is keep our Amphicars neat, safe and water tight.
We should also talk to those Amphicar owners whose bilge pump is constantly running.