alts and radios


David Derer

I use a Delco alternator with the idea that every Auto parts in
America will have one.When it goes bad on Your only day off in two
months. If using say a 1988 Chevy van alternator You can use dash light.
Now raise Your hand if your bulb burned out and you replaced Your
generator? Radios- Why jack around with old cassettes? Is a cassette
like an eight track, wax cylinder? For little money You can get a
cranking cd/mp3 player. Throw it in glove box and its out of sight then
use the remote. When I had my disk changer it was installed in back
under convertible top. Always dry, easy access and protected by top
frame(when top down) . I have speakers-two under dash-two in kick
panels-two in convertible well sheet metal. All speaker cones are
plastic now-so are waterproof-but metal frames will rust a shot of clear
fixes that. If You put speakers in rocker better buy high quality marine
style. I think I'll head out and crank up Dixie Chicks and Madonna.
Later Dave the Wave. P.S. -sorry Bilgey, Mr 8 track!
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