Almost Show Time

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Three Days till splash down. Visitors are already arriving. Hopefully weather cooperates.
Thursday night I plan on visiting Rejuvenation Boat works open house betweeen 4-8pm in Eustis.
Friday afternoon I will be hanging out at Palm Gardens, plan on leaving from there head down Dora Canal to Gilbert Park. Memorial service then....?
Saturday we will be taking water to Sunnyland boat show and be part of show for a few hours.
Some new wood boating friends say hellowood boat girls.JPG


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Wed, night.
7 amphicar owners(and their familys)
arrived at my place for a social, a fight in swiming pool, I lost. big dinner, with cup cake desserts from Mt Dora. More arriving today, but a few can't stay The Green's, and Larry and Pat DePasquale will not be here for the weekend.(she collects the club due.s)
There will be a few fresh colours at the swim in this year.
Ok enough chatting , were of to the Lakes!!!@!!!

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I wait all year in anticipation for the March swim in,
People started ariving on Tusday,
Wed we had a dinner at my house and a tingle started in my throat,
by Friday the cold hit striong and on Sat, I had to leave the show and crawl into bed, of all the luck... Now I know how John Lambert felt at Celina a few years ago..
17 cars in the water at the same time for the swim down the Dora Canal
lots at Venetian park in the morning and a good turn out at Golden Corral (Not me)
all had a great day,
Sunday.. 10 am Brunch,,here,, I'll stay up in shop.
Sorry I missed everyone..
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