Alligator shooting contest at Mt Dora swim in

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Mike in N.H.

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This years Mt Dora swim in will feature a three day alligator hunt and all amphi owners and legal passengers are eligible for entry in the hunt. The hunt begins immediately after the last burger is inhaled at the Thursday BBQ. Trained local guides will point out infamous gator 'honey holes' including gator bay and gator inlet and tour the creepy DEAD RIVER. Warning: do not tease the alligators until you have completlely crossed the river. All hunters will be required to display their catch of the day no later than happy hour at Buzzard Beach Bar each day of the hunt. Please park on the beach bow first and this year we ask that you dont try to land on the beach in reverse as the spinning props are a danger to the buzzards. Final tally of all gators shot and the identity of the winner of this three day hunt will occur at our annual awards ceremony immediately following the traditional Saturday night feast. Oh, and single shot cameras only; assault cameras and semi automatic cameras not allowed.


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Very large gator was spotted in Dora canal Thursday and Friday by all the Amphicars floating threw,Laying on a log ,not 20 feet from us all.