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I've had a terrible time trying to get my doors to open and close smoothly. Is there a procedure I can follow to align them properly?

Snow has finally left so took 'Squirtle' out for a blast around today.

Greg, Virginia

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Open and close smoothly. As in you have to slam it? Look at door striker see if worn. Look at door latch. Is plastic all wore down and metal all rubbed? If so replace. Take latch on body off. Does door fit and close properly? I bet one corner of door sticks out. You can try and shim hinges. Take door panel off and put shims between hinge attach point and door. If You have replacement door gaskets that are black make sure the are not too wide. Some of those are too strong with little compression so door bounces. Bring it to Lake Dora and we can go to beer garden and discuss at length! Later Dave the Wave


Thanks Dave!

I actually noticed that the 'spinner star' was really difficult to turn. A little WD40 and it spins really nice and the door opens and closes just fine! A fix is NEVER that easy! Thanks for the input in any case.

I can't make Lake Dora and just found out that we need to go to Canada for a family reunion the same weekend as Celina; but still trying to figure out the Pennsylvania Meet which is much closer to me here in Central Virginia. And a beer garden conversation anywhere sounds perfect!

Thanks again, Greg

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