alan jackson video



Caught Alan Jackson's new video on CMT last night. Four short, but
nice scenes with his Fjord Green Amphicar: driving to the ramp, a
slow launch w/ dog and fishing gear, swimming away from ramp, and
some fishing (trolling).

The plot revolves around an out-of-control director/producer
attempting to make an Alan Jackson video with Alan Jackson fill-ins
as Alan has disliked all of his idea proposals. Alan appears in
background cameos during the filming, living his "normal" life.

Marc, perhaps you should send him a copy of the newsletter and an
invitation to Celina? All he can say is no!


Marc Schlemmer

You're right....another invitation to Alan about the Club and Celina might
be in order. He was a member in 2001, but did not renew for 2002. Now that
2003 is here, maybe he'd like to join us again! I'll give it a try.


Have been watching a channel on our cable called GAC. It stands for Great
American Country. They do a weekly top twenty about ten times a day. Alan
Jackson's video is called something like It'll be all right. It is number
five or six on the count down so you can plan accordingly and not have to
watch all those hokie hillbilly videos. PLEASE, I only watched this channel
to see the Amphicar in the video. Did not even know there was such a thing as
the GAC channel.
Tim Wick in sunny and 65 degree Wisconsin.
p.s. Took the Harley for a ride.

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