Alan Jackson / Amphibious prototype for sale

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If Alan Jackson can write songs about his plywood boat and old jeep (the
song titled 'Drive'), how long until he writes a song about his amphicar?

This would be some really good PR for our cars and the club, similar to his
song about the 'Mercury 49) - Ford played this one up pretty big.

Should someone suggest this to him? They could film the MTV video for
Alan's new Amphicar song at Celina next year - that would put Celina on the

Paul Rasmussen
Trying to get the ideas flowing in aftermath of Celinafest

P.S. am going to look at a 35 mph amphibious prototype in Port Huron Mich.
in the next few weeks. Is all aluminum and has Buick 3.8L V-6 in it.
Pontoons rotate 180 degrees in water for planing in water and tilt back
down with wheels in pontoons for road travel. Will send pic's to the
website. Vehicle is for sale if anyone is interested. Will be around $20k
to buy - comes with a patent - cost over $150k to build by a German
inventor (recently passed away, tied up in an estate) here in Michigan.