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Bill Connelly

Instead of a paper type air filter, you could use an Amsoil Reusable
Foam-Type Two-Stage Oiled Air Filter, which offers increased and MUCH
cleaner airflow to your engine than the old paper style filters.

Just call 1-800-956-5695 and ask for an AMSOIL Air Filter Model S 1603 and
also Foam Filter Oil AFO-BC, and you'll probably never need to buy another
air filter for your Amphicar...ever. Please remember to use Customer Number
508472 when ordering, since commissions earned thereby help pay the rent on
the website. This won't cost you even a penny extra.

You'll find much more information about the Amsoil air filter and other
products especially suitable for Amphicars at the 'Amsoil for Amphicars'
catalog at


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Anyone have a NAPA part number for the Amphi air filter element?


Steve the air filters have to come from England.
I had a bunch of #s they tried to cross with no luck>
I just put a order in for half a dozen, but price sure went up from the last
batch I bought.
JUST got wheel spacers in!
also a spacer for Thermo sate so you can use reg, thermos.
And can now get 20 thou. over Pistons
Canadian four amphis

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