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I just received the IAOC Newsletter. Kudos to the club for a great issue and excellent coverage of Celina. Wish I could have been there, one of these days I hope to get make the pilgrimage again.

It is probably almost 20 years since I first went to Celina, at least 8-10 since my last trip. Looking at the photos I could not help having the same reaction that hits me when looking in the mirror. Dang, everyone has gotten so much older. It is great to see how many Amphicar "lifers" are out there but it does also make me wonder if, like other vehicles from the 50s-60's, peak interest has passed while peak pricing has been reached. When I first attended Celina, the average Amphi owner seemed to be closer to 30 years old and it was a mostly "working class" group of folks. At that time, my own Amphi (rough but usable) cost me around $13k.

Hemmings had an interesting article here,

In a nutshell,
The lesson is that younger car buyers aren’t “taking up the mantle” on the older cars as Newton put it, but instead are going after more affordable cars, and especially trucks and SUVs, which once again filled the rankings in the top spots. Also, there are simply more buyers for a $15,000 collector car than there are for a $30,000 collector car, causing prices to rise more where there’s more demand.


Jon March

well, its about the journey. we're just folks hurtling thru space- and if we can get in some pleasant times on clear water and please our hearts and brought others a smile, we've probably done our best work, regardless of price or resale.