Africa Erotica



Well the Amphi movie "Africa Erotica" arrived. What a turkey. But an
Amphicar is a primary character in the movie alright. The video
quality is poor. I'd say the tape is already a second or third
generation dub. The color is weak and the whites are somewhat too
white but the picture is stable and it is watchable. The audio is in
English but there is some sort of sub title running sometimes.
Anyway, if you want a copy of it send me $14 to cover the tape,
transfer, packing and shipping.
PayPal is the easiest way to go. I'm registered there under:

John Friese
White 67 ( IFLOAT2 ) (almost done)
Red 67 (still under restoration)

242 E. Alamar
Santa Barbara, CA 93105