Advice needed...


"Cap''n" John

What would going price be for an original (Fjord Green if it matters)
Colorado rust free hood, complete with horn and light? Basically
a "plug and play" hood. I have one that I am putting up on eBay to
help recover from the legal fiasco.

There will also be the second (95%+/-) complete '64 Amphi I have as
well. Motor locked, straight, typical unrestored car. I didn't want
to sell these items, but I am in a corner now and there doesn't seem
to be any other choices open to me at this time. <heavy sigh> :^(

Celina is still up in the air (doubtful at this time), I'll let ya
know what I know, when I know what it is that I'll know, ya know. ;*)


<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="3" FAMILY="SERIF" FACE="Calisto MT" LANG="0">Hi all, I just thought I would tell you all what I think the hood may be
worth. A great hood must be worth $1000, if the horn is complete and makes
noise that's $300 (if not more) But if the bow light is great add $400 more
Even if it is complete and faded it's worth $250. My guess is between $1550
and about $1700. So that's my opinion and we all know what opinions can be
worth. Anyone else care to take a guess? Tommy in Tampa</font>