Advice and missing links


David Derer

On my next quarter repair I want to spot weld lower edge and then use
lead. I have not used lead in this situation and would like to talk to
someone who has.
Mike Echmann and I have debated over the raised lip and chrome/painted
window frames. Rene said they could be ordered that way. Yet Mike still
did not believe. I have a 64 here. The tag matches numbers on frame and
engine and title. It has prop shields same color dash, etc for 64 yet it
too has the raised lips. I call this car the missing link car. The next
neat car here is a 67. This is a car I wish I could have bought. Besides
being nearly rust free it is also one of the last cars made. It has the
big tunnels, big beefy rear springs, Shift rods are anodized. Has black
dash,doors and black under hood. No bilge blower (Canadian car)
Originally a red car. It will be returned to its former glory this
winter. On this day off I sent family out and I am wet sanding a
customer car. Its kind of nice. I am not clocking it so I can play at
same time. I promised to have car done by September 9th. Some how August
vanished. I do remember August 12th at 7am. I was calling Holiday Inn at
Celina! Later Dave the Wave