adventure continues


David Derer

Talk about loading ten pounds of stuff in a five pound bag. I was
feeling a bit "blue". Then it all broke loose. Eric called saying he
wanted to take car out for last swim. That motivated Me to get rest of
interior put in and brakes fixed on BW2. "Playing" with BW2 is good
therapy" . Then "Stilll Alive" calls and wants to drop off trans from
latest Amphi find. I end up with rusted hulk and he leaves with empty
trailer. I then was enroute to Minnesota via "Cigar Guy" then to
"Amphiville" in Wisconsin. Anyone need a Amphi project? Then to
"Euro-Amphi" in Minnesota. Couple of European Amphis needed My special
touch. Then off to another Metal Meet. Brian Crombie (He needs a nick
name) being a most excellent host while I visited Minnesota. Then to
"Blue Gills" pad. Truly "A man's man" His basement --oh baby oh
baby-yeah! Took a look at his Alaskan car. Some days are truly Amphi
Days. Later Dave the Wave