1. Dear Amphibians; Some of you may remember that one of my u-joints flew
    apart and damaged the transmission casing. The good news is that I found
    the broken-off piece of the aluminum flange or lip of the transmission onto
    which the rubber boot clamps so maybe I can glue it back on without having
    to remove the transmission? Yes or No? If yes, my question is - what do
    you recommend me to use as an adhesive, I presume an epoxy is the
    choice. How do I clean the surfaces which I'm sure have absorbed some
    oil? The piece I have to replace is approximately half moon shaped with a
    radius of about 9/16 inch. Also I have a small cut in the boot itself, can
    this be succesfully repaired with silicon?
    Looking forward to a replyor two, Dave Field
  2. www.amph.67@juno.com

    There is an epoxy called PC-7, it's a two part mix. Very good stuff. Can
    be filled, drilled, tapped for threads. I have used it on centrifuge
    equipment @ 3000 G's force. You must clean the faces of the broken piece.
    Use Acetone, laquer thinner, any solvent that will not leave a residue.
    Curing takes 24 hrs. Use some means of holding the bonded parts and DON'T
    touch them untill cured. I have fixed water pump white metal bodies with
    this product. A good hardware store should have it. Don't worry about
    excess squeasd out, it will help bond the outer surface. P J H from
  3. tommyintpa@aol.com

    <font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">Hi, I would try "J. B. Weld" or any two part epoxy on the transmission. We
    repair cast iron parts with JB with great success and it will work on
    aluminum too. To clean use lacquer thinner or alcohol. I bet you will have
    better luck with a good old fashioned tire tube patch on the boot, patch it
    on both sides while you are at it. Rough it up for sure with some about 150
    grit sandpaper, then apply the glue to the boot and let it completely dry.
    That glue will act like a primer, then apply the glue as directed, those
    patches will stick. Tommy in Tampa White 64, Red 67 and Red 68 almost</font>
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