David Derer

From: "richard martin" <>
Subject: glass

Just broke my left rear window, does anyone have a spare?
Amphicar minds want to know how the window got broken? On addictions,
winter sucks when the ice has finally won. But now with cold (25 degrees
tonight) the Amphi is warm and snug. Looking at the changing colors of
the trees. Its much better than in a car were tailgaters ruin a slow
cruise. It cant be the rotor. When after caressing the worn primer and
dreaming of high gloss, I come in and pop in a video of some Amphi
adventure. The groan from Marge and kids can be deafening. It cant be
the rotor. I need to take one more cruise before taking apart Brown
Wonder. I know this time when it gets apart it may take a year or more.
It is hard to think this way but it needs to be done. I cant imagine
Celina without an Amphi but we shall see. It cant be the rotor.
Hopefully Iam off to Maryland for some Amphi stuff in next two weeks.
Anyone near Aberdeen? Later Dave the Wave
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