Account Upgrades and Status Ribbons


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Putting aside the countless hours spent maintaining the Amphicar forums, there are also real costs incurred for hosting, domain registration, software, add-ons, etc.

General accessto the forums has always been free and that will not change. The Amphicar forum is kept afloat by the generous contributions of forum subscribers. These individuals are recognized with small recognition ribbons below their name.

With the old software it was difficult to keep track of contributions, who made them, and when. Our new platform greatly simplifies this process for users and admins alike. By following the "Accounts Upgrade" link at the top left of the forums, you can make a contribution and update your account status. As we introduce new features, certain perks will be associated with account levels. Account upgrades will be renewable on an anual basis, with the system managing the entire process.

In migrating to the new platform, I looked back through PayPal records for anyone who contributed to the forums in the past 12 months. Based on date of last contribution, I set account upgrade and expiration accordingly. If I happened to miss you, please do let me know.

Thanks for the continued support over the past 10+ years of the Amphicar Forums. Our knowledgebase now consists of more than 20,000 unique messages. If this information has been of value to you, please consider upgrading your account to show your support.

Ken Chambers

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Ten plus years of the Amphicar forum!! That's a lot of work on your part Mike, and a lot of value received by the many members and guests. Think of all the sharing of information with the questions and helpful answers posted, all the entertainment value and fun reading of the postings.

This new forum site looks great. Thank you for porting us and the database over. No small effort indeed.

Much like public radio, we're all free to use this site and the contributions from some keep it going. For only a few pennies a day the entertainment value alone is worth that, much less the valuable information obtained from fellow Amphicar owners and enthusiasts.

Please join me in making a contribution to help keep this forum a great place for Amphicar discussions. Thanks again for all your efforts Mike.


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As you may have noticed, the site now shows some Google AdSense advertisements.

If you subscribe to an account upgrade (gold, platinum, or diamond) you will not see the ads.
Registered users who are signed in will see ads at the bottom of the first message in each thread.
Guests or unregistered users will see ads at the bottom of first message in each thread AND at the bottom of each page.