Accelerator/Clutch Problem


Barry M. Krelitz

I have just experienced an unusual problem that has never occurred in the
13 years we have owned our Amphicar.

After taking the car out of its winter sleep and changing the oil, filter,
greasing, checking antifreeze and belts, my mechanic took the car for a
test drive. When he engaged the clutch and accelerated, the accelerator
raced and froze until he released the clutch, at which time the accelerator
slowly returned to idle. Therefore, the only way to shift is to double
clutch by taking one's foot off the accelerator after engaging the clutch
once, releasing it and reengaging it while the engine approaches idle while
simultaneously shifting. It appears to happen in all 4 forward gears and
reverse. The problem does not occur when the car is in neutral. One can
press the accelerator and it will return to idle.
As a background, I noticed that the bilge area had a greasy
slime. Perhaps that may contribute to the problem, but after cleaning it
with detergent and pumping the residue the problem gets worse. We have not
replaced any linkages or springs since restoration, approximately 13 years
ago. Also the car is driven less than 10 times during the summer in Minnesota.

Is there anyone who has experienced a similar problem? What suggestions do
you have to resolve the issue?

Barry Krelitz
67 Red



It sounds like the shaft that connects the 3 pedals together (Part
#6, plate #42 of the parts manual) may be a bit rusty. Pull the toe
board and lube the bottom of the 3 pedals with some Amsoil spray lube
or similar.

The shaft that they connect to may be rotating due to rust so when
the clutch is depressed and the accel is depressd, it holds the accel
linkage down too.