Accelerator cable length



The cable length is controlled by the muffler bracket at the front
of the muffler. If the muffler bracket is positioned too close to
the convertible top area, the cable will not reach the stock
Amphicar carburetor linkage. Properly positioned, our cable (the
original Amphicar cable) will easily fit the linkage of the larger
side draft or down draft Weber carburetors; in spite of the fact
that the linkage attachment is about ? to ? of an inch further back
toward the radiator. Also, if you fabricate a replacement muffler
and exhaust pipe, be sure to keep the measurements in mind.

Here are another couple of tips for accelerator cables (or any other

1. Before installing cable, hang it from a garage ceiling beam
and feed oil into the black housing. Let drain down overnight, then
2. If your cable "sticks" when you push on the gas pedal,
install a weaker (not stronger) return spring. Sometimes a stronger
spring will make the cable wire apply too much pressure to the
inside of the cable housing.

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