A true Amphicar story...

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I talked with a long time friend yesterday and he told me an Amphi
story that happened right before his eyes.
It happened in the small fishing town of Sioux Narrows, on The Lake
Of The Woods, Ontario, Canada in the 70's.
He said:
"After driving 24 hours straight, we had just arrived for our annual
vacation that we spend at our cabin on Fire Island. It was about 8
O'clock in the morning; we were putting our fishing boat in so we
could make our way out to the island.
This guy raced down the dock in his Amphicar.
Right off the end of the dock.
His momentum was so great that he did not do the famed WATER WHEELIE,
no; he bounced off the water and flipped it right over where it sank.
He rolled it back over and someone helped him winch it out of the
He took about an hour or so draining water and checking things before
he got it going.
He was so flustered that he just took off down the road.
We never saw him again for the 2 weeks we spent at our cottage".

Now if anyone wants to fess up or has knowledge about this little bit
of Amphi history, will you please share what you know?

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