A sad day for America...

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A sad day for America...

No, I'm not going to go on about the political
"used food" so prevalent in the headlines, but
rather a semi-on topic spewing of matters about
GM announcing it will discontinue its oldest
and most trusted automobile line - Oldsmobile!
I happen to own a `69 Olds Cutlass convertible
and it's parked right next to our beloved Amphi.
They've always had a few things in common
besides being convertible autos from the `60's.
But now they share an ironic cruel twist of fate:
Both have been phased out for economic reasons.
Doesn't seem right, somehow it just doesn't go
down without watery eyes and bitter sweet
memories. Oh sure, I understand the business
end of those kinds of decisions, but it still hits
me as yet another erosion of what's right with
America. And aside from all the displaced auto-
workers, I have to wonder what it feels like to
be an Amphicar or an Oldsmobile and become
phased out for economic reasons. I asked my
Olds and Amphi about it, but got no response.
Neither seem willing to discuss it. Reminds
me of my grandparents in their retirement home,
which, by the way, was located in Dade Country,
Florida. They never once got a Cutlass confused
with a chad.... but I digress. So here's to Oldsmobile
and to Amphi, a toast of esteem and dignity -
May your value ever increase and your performance never decline.

`64 Turquoise Amphicar
`69 Forest Green Cutlass Oldsmobile
San Diego

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