a question about towing my Amphicar

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Tommy in Tampa, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Hi everyone, I have a question about towing my Amphicar.
    OK we all know you can tow an Amphi on it wheels using a tow bar without damage.
    Do you think you could use a car, a bigger car, like a Chrysler 300 as the tow vehicle? I want to tow the Amphi with a tow bar to Mt Dora using a car as the tow vehicle. What do you think, I think it will be fine. Let me know you opinion Please.
    Tommy in Tampa waiten for Mt Dora GET YOUR ROOM NOW

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    Try this again, just made a fix to email update.
    I know that Billy Syx uses a Lincoln Town car to tow his Amphi. However, that is a rear wheel drive, body on frame vehicle. The Chrysler 300C is rated to tow up to 3,800 pounds (Not too shabby) whereas the standard Chrysler 300 is rated at 2,000 lbs. For the former it should not be a problem. For the later you are pushing things a bit but FL is flat and if you are not going a greatr distance then should be OK.

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    Tommy, we have towed our Amphicar backwards on a tow dolly which is how we
    always have towed it. Usually, we are towing with a Motor Home, but we also
    have a Chrysler LHS which is basically the same in most respects as the 300
    which I think is what replaced the LHS. We have towed it across the country
    backwards on a tow dolly with the LHS with no problems - that is how I towed to
    and from Lake Mirror. When we first bought it, we towed it back from
    Pennsylvania that way with another LHS. I don't think it would make any difference
    whether you were towing it on a tow dolly or 4 wheels on the ground - the
    vehicles to which I refer are close to identical to your 300 - they just ceased
    to produce the LHS when they brought out the 300 I believe.

    Re the Lake Dora show - I concur - it would be prudent to make a room
    reservation now rather than wait till they have been snatched up as there are
    usually other events besides the Boat Show which occur that same weekend . For
    anybody wanting to stay in an RV, there is a big RV Park just 3 miles SW of
    Wooten Park which costs $35 a night for a full hook up. The Inn on the Green is
    about 2 miles NE of the Park. If you call the Inn on the Green, be sure to
    tell them you are part of the Amphicar Group in order to get the special
    reduced rate which Dave Monier has arranged.

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