A most AMAZING swimming hole!

Would you consider bringing your Amphicar to Grand Lake, Colorado for a swim-in?

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GrandLake1.jpgGrandLake3.jpgGrandLake4.jpgGrandLake5.jpgGrandLake7.jpgGrandLake9.jpgTrail ridge road 2011.jpg View attachment 653View attachment 655View attachment 656View attachment 657View attachment 658View attachment 659 My girlfriend is AWESOME! She took my Amphicar and I to Grand Lake, Colo (population 471, elevation 8300') this last weekend for for 4 days for my birthday. Grand Lake is a BEAUTIFUL lake town in the mountains. We took Trail Ridge road (tops at 12,000') over and it's always spectacular views are both terrifing and breath taking. I'm sure you can Google photos of it. Much of it's shoulder in inches, yes inches wide and no guardrail to keep you from falling over the edge for 100s of feet. You can also come up through Winterpark via I-70 for the less adventuresome. Maybe I'd consider arainging a swim-in here if there is interest.

Grand lake is 267' deep that they know of as there is a glacier at the bottom and they don't know how deep the glacier itself is. It is one of a very few lakes that allow boat houses and many of them have old wood speedboats behind each door. The vast majority of them have never left the lake since the 30s to 60s. Seeing several old Chriscrafts at a time is not unusual. One 1964 Chriscraft 18' speedboat was spectacular! Some homes have been there since the 1890s and were once only accessed by sleds over the ice. The home on the rock was built by the Halls of Hallmark cards. The home is decorated with original W. Churchill paintings done for Hallmark cards. Materials delivered by sled over the ice as no road exists to access the house.

My Amphicar, Amy and I love it! So here are some pics so you can too! The last one is of an old wood boat on the ceiling, just what you'd expect in a bar here! There was also an old Polaris snowmobile on the wall. Snowmachines are street legal in the winter there. (the one with the snow in the background is from last year at 12,000'+)