A Midnight Cruise


Bill Connelly


That was quite a night with Dave the Wave and Rowan from Australia! Dave
has a fairly bare boned and staccato prose style, so one could be forgiven
for being confused by all those ravings about "aliens" and "implants" and
that "fishy smell" in his account of his visit here. The whole story of that
night went like this: Rowan, visiting these shores and his sister from down
under with the avowed aim of checking out Amphicars and the web toed
lifestyle, emailed me via the Amphicar.net website from his sister's place
in southeastern Virginia, basically just asking if I knew of any Amphicar
owners in the area that he could hook up with. Telling him that I in fact
lived in the state, and what is more that the infamous Dave the Wave would
be visiting the area the coming weekend to pick up a nearby Amphi-hulk
project car, I invited Rowan to come along and help me help Dave load up
this crusty treasure onto his trailer. Rowan showed up as arranged, and we
drove off together into the countryside to find our rendezvous point with
Dave. We never did find it. Unfortunately, the directions specified a turn
at "Maryland Route 7". What these directions didn't mention was that there
are at least two hundred different "Route 7s" found along the length and
breadth of the western shores of the Chesapeake Bay. So we never actually
lent a hand to Dave in getting his new project aboard the trailer. We never
found the place. Instead, an hour late we ended up calling Dave's cellular
number and meeting him somewhere else on the road more easily findable. It
seems Dave had already managed to get the thing aboard without us and was
already on the way back. Finally reconnoitered, we all decided to head back
to my place for dinner and a night's free lodgings. Returning home well fed
about 11-ish from a nearby restaurant we all decided by virtue of the
excellent weather to all go for a little midnight swim in my Amphi.
Launching off of the beach at Fort Belvoir into the Potomac River as I
usually do, it was a beautiful glass-calm night. The water was a huge black
mirror, with its only movement coming from the Amphicar's wake. On we
burbled into moonlit blackness until some half hour or so later when
searchlights appeared from above and began probing the watery expanses. The
lights swept predictably like a pendulum...to and fro, to and fro...until,
that is, they landed on some kind of greenish car bobbing along in the drink
with three idiots aboard who didn't seem the least bit concerned with their
plight. Then they paused ominously. At this point, Dave began his
recounting of various X-Files episodes, rating the quality and appearance of
the various alien-implants we would likely discover in the backs of our
necks in the morning. I, however, had a different assessment of the events:
The systematic sweeping nature of the search pattern led me to believe that
perhaps there was nothing more sinister or otherworldly afoot than
helicopters searching for some disabled craft that had radioed in a distress
call. In view of the otherwise utter stillness of the evening, and spotting
a what appeared to be a stilled sailing craft in the distance, I began
motoring off in its direction to lend any necessary assistance. As we
approached the dead still craft in the calm, so too did the searchlights
from above. That is when the craft's occupants, a man and a woman, engaged
sweatily in an activity men and women have shared since they passed through
the Gates of Eden, were treated under the glare of a sudden searchlight from
above to three idiots from a car in the middle of the river shouting, "Hey!
Need any help there?" Ahhhh....the romance of it all. Being assured that
all was well in hand (or wherever it was), we bid this romantic coupling
adieu and proceeded upriver into the coves. As we moved astream the water
began changing from dead still to explosive as schools of fish began
flinging themselves skywards. The further we moved into the maw of the cove
the more furious the activity became, until the water was positively boiling
with frantic fish. Then, just as we came about at the upper reaches, Rowan
was suddenly treated to an unexpected "PLOP!" and a frenetic wriggling in
his lap. One of our piscene pals had apparently decided that "amphibian"
was the way to go and had decided to jump aboad and treat Rowan to a lap
dance! Yep! No fishing pole or net is required here in the Potomac!
Dinner comes to you! Needless to say, inspired by our slimy new buddy's
pluck it was decided to spare him from the lemon and butter treatment. We
also threw the fish back. But not before snapping a group portrait. This
can be viewed at http://www.amphicar.com/calendar.htm.


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From: "Randy Tusone" <randy6@dandy.net>
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> whats up? Not taking the time to answer e-mail or check the list leaves
> me feeling like im missing something.Iheard you and
> dave were abducted by ailens.Recently I traveled to Texas to repair
> wiring on Warren Kodoskys amphi.They are a wonderful family and did a
> great job in putting me up.When we took the amphi out for testing we
> were surrounded by aliens. they were very nice but only
> spokespanish,maybe they were related to your alien hosts? Hopefully
> yours at least had thier green cards,our freinds didnt.Well wishes to
> another wonderful family in the making-billy

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