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> Hi Amphipoda,> >
> > Would you mind forwarding this to the members
of the amphicar list for me. For some reason
I haven't been able to straighten out my membership.
I can receive stuff, but not reply to any messages
or send anything directly to the group. I don't
know if I'll ever understand how this happened.

> >> > Hi All,> >
Randy 6 here. I had to share this experience with
the group. Ginger, our dog, earned sainthood this
weekend. Bill (Bilgemaster) and Tanya Connelly's
son Victor is about 2 1/2 year old son that is a
real hell raiser. (Funny how we use certain words.)
Billy (Splash King) and I started calling him "Chucky"
from the Childs Play movies because of all the faces
he makes that are just like the ones that doll makes.
Plus,he used to breath heavily through his teeth and it
sounded like something really nasty hissing at you.> >
Anyway, we turned him loose on Ginger this weekend.
He pulled her ears, her tail, any loose skin he could
grab; he rode her like a horse, either
straddled or lumped across; he laid on her when she
was trying to sleep. Any way you could imagine a dog
being tortured by a little boy happened to Gin this
weekend. Only once did I hear a> > complaint, and she still
didn't bite him, just made some noise at him and looked mean.
I think she might have touched his hand, because there was a
wet spot on it, but there wasn't a mark. On top of all of it,
she hurt a paw on the way down. We took the Cape May/Lewes
Ferry. After we got there we had to wait (the traffic was so
heavy we missed our reserved time and there were hundreds of
people there. We were lucky to get on a 1 PM.). This is a
dog in need of exercise, LOTS of exercise. So, we played
ball with her for a while. After we put the ball away she
started to favor one of her paws. I looked and saw she tore
a pad. With the pain of that and this kid tormenting her, she
was the perfect kids dog.> >
> > Ginger has always had lots of nicknames: Gingerfish,
Gingerbread, Ginerific, Softy, Lovey, Bubbles. Now she's earned
this one, Saint Ginger!> Today, is the first time, in a long time,
that she hasn't really bugged me to go play. Usually, when I get
home she's ready to roll. Trust me, the foot thing only slows her
down when she's not playing. We have to force her to rest when we
take her out, or she won't stop until she drops. Attached were a
couple of pictures of her... One in the amphicar, of course.
(tried anyway, maybe Bilgemaster would want to post them somewhere?)
We'll be bringing her to the swim-in. She LOVES AMPHI!!! Any Amphi!
She jumps in and out of ours whenever she thinks we're going out with
it, and when we're out with it. It'll be interesting to see her
reaction to so many of them. Sports-dog-gasm!
Whenever we take her places people remember her name. Almost always
we leave somewhere to people saying "bye Ginger". They also remember
amphi (no jealousy, amphi actually likes it when people remember
Ginger and amphi, not Randy and Billy). People call Bill up to ask
about getting rides or making a party and they say "your the guy with
the amphicar and Ginger".>
If you are interested in anything about her breed, Viszla or Vizsla>
(remember, dyslexics are teople poo). If you read about their
personalities, they are this dog, personified.> >
> > Enjoy, Randy