A Floridian Amphicar Christmas ?


Amphicar Expert
This was the first time we've spent Christmas Day in the UK for many years and although it has been dry enough to take Amphicar down the river today we have decided that next year we will be somewhere warmer and sunnier.

So, back home and on to the weather site and I reckon the best place to have been today was Florida so... that is where we will be next Christmas. We haven't been there since 2002.

Do you Floridian Amphicar owners do anything special over the holidays ? Perhaps boating somewhere ? I know there is quite a flotilla of owners down there, Tommy, Vic, Doug and Gord ?

David C in the UK

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
Im looking to buy a double wide in FL Leesburg area(near Mt Dora).hope to have one this week.
so next year should be all set.If Im not here I will rent it out.