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Here are some observations made after a few holiday brews I am sure
that amphipoda will elaborate more on these.

1. What is the feeling you get in your stomach when you are showing
the car to someone and they say: " o the guy down the street has one
of thise in the garage........and then you say where...... and he
says "o that was back in 1968" there must ba some kind of name for
this feeling of depression so close and yet

2. Went to a big Labor Day car show had the Shiryls and lou christie
the Archie guy(sugar oh honey honey) and Andy Kim and Mark Lindsey
(Paul Revere) the stage was around the cars and I noticed how lonely
amphi looks all the 57 chevy's were in a group and all the ford
mustangs were bonding and there was poor old Amphi sitting by herself
with a stream of 50 people playing with her fins and crawling under
her I knew I could hear her crying for more amphis to share the load.
While all the rodders Glare at all the attention she gets.

Happy Labor Day All