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Perhaps you noticed I posted a poll regarding
the value of my postings. Why on earth did I
do such a thing you ask? Insecurity maybe,
but mostly to gauge if I should devote my
energies toward more or less postings and/or
if I should concentrate on a book I've been
toying with. Either way I appreciate any
votes. Also I corrected a typo and apparently
wiped out all the prior votes - Oppps! Feel
free to vote again and select as many of the
vote options as you deem appropriate. All
votes are anonymous (even to me). Poll will
close on 4th of July. Thanks in advance for
taking the time to vote.

To Allen and Pam Woodcock, I thought I was
the one who mastered the art of embellishment.
Gourmet lunch? Anyway, it was our pleasure
to formally welcome you to the group. And
not to be critical... but it's "Edelstein" as our
last name - however I've been called much
worse. Anyway, most folks know us as...
"Amphipoda" and "Mermaid." And we sure
look forward to a voyage your Amphi soon.

And lastly - remember to halt thy rear wheels
BEFORE engaging the propellers. Failure to
do so will trash your water tranny and makes
Hugh rich (which is great for Hugh but very
sad for your Amphi).

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA