A day in the life of Amphipoda



Took IAOC newsletter CD to the print shop
and was so shocked when they no longer
would honor their quote!!! They tried
to add all sorts of expenses for stuff
they have already been doing all along
(collating, binding, 2 machines, time)
and they 'offered' to lower the paper
quality... my fine finned friends, I nearly
blew my bilge! Finally I just asked for
my CD back and told them there must be
a print shop in town that honors their
own quote and has a fair price and I'm
gonna take my business there. After all
we have standards of excellance in this
here club and I'm NOT lowing the bar
OR incuring an added cost. Sheeesh!
So on the way home I stopped in a new
print shop and asked for a quote... I'll
be darned if they didn't come in $150
less than my original print shop. So I
left the CD with them and asked them for
a "proof" to approve. It'll be ready on
Friday. Everyone please cross your fins
this place is legit and has the quality
we've come to expect.

On the heels of the NY Times interview
I gave another for the Wall Street Journal.
They were very interested in attending
Celina but insisted they needed a grudge or
some sort of competition between 2 members
to enhance the story. Oh sure, I told 'em
all about our cars and the club and how we
get along more like a family, but told them
we don't have flaming wars or competitions
like that... we're all about fun & swimming.
The editors decided we "were too much like
other car clubs." So, with nothing to loose
I told them how different we are in my own
subtle highly embellished way. Stuff about
amphibious world domination, nude bilge water
limbo dancing, that sorta thing. Still a no
go on their editor's opinion. So I simply
replied back, "Comparing the Amphicar club
to other car clubs is like comparing apples
to salamanders!" Their response was, "I
might show up just for the fun, but without
my Sr. editor who is a real fuddy duddy." I
reckon the kind of story the W.S. Journal
Sr. editor wants is one we don't need published.

So there you have it... a behind the scenes
look into a day in the life of Amphipoda.

Be well, swim safe.
Amphicars thrive in 2005!
Come to Celina for Pete's sake!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA