A crazy year. Smoother waters lie ahead.

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For the past year, my own involvement with the forums has been hit or miss. Its been a crazy year thanks to a diagnosis of prostate cancer back in December. Unfortunately, it is not only our cars that get rusty with age.

The good news is that I am now through surgery and am doing well. It takes a while to know for certain, but for now the prognosis looks good.

I do apologize for missed PMs and for failing to thank or acknowledge anyone who may have generously contributed to the forums during this time.

Regrettably, statistics show that one in six of you gentleman of a certain age will find yourself dealing with prostate cancer. While many do not want to discuss their experience, I went to the other extreme and wrote all about it in hopes that others may benefit.

This first article talks about diagnosis thru making a treatment decision.

The second article covers surgery and beyond.

Happy sailing.


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Mike, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It’s great you educated yourself so much in order to secure the best care and plan of treatment for yourself. This will certainly help others who may go down the same path. You and your family will be in our prayers and thoughts. Stay well my friend and keep us updated.



Thanks for detailed and in-depth walk along the trail of your journey. The information you have shared is incredibly informative and enlightening. Nancy & my thoughts are with you and your family as you continue onward. --Larry
Thanks a ton for sharing your story. Very, very brave of you! I don't think there is a better man out there that can manage this forum.
May you sing the "potty song" for many years to come!
Brian Crombie

Ken Chambers

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Thank you for the well written travelog of your medical adventures. It really is the best information I've read on the subject. Lots of information to digest and decisions to make. Very difficult for you but you've helped those who will follow. Like you say, no good choices but you really have helped.

We all wish you the very best on your road to recovery.
---Ken Chambers