A Car that Swims AND Flys



Sounds interesting, want to take odds on whether it will ever be produced? :)

Just to note, it says "fly across the water" -- this implies they intend for
it to skim along just above the water, but NOT fly like an airplane.* This is
a good way to achieve high speeds over water, but it still confines you to
the lake. This would make it a WIG (Wing In Ground effect). Here's a site that
shows a number of non-car WIG's.


White '63

* Some WIG's can fly high like airplanes, but to do this they need wings of a
reasonably long length. Based on the concept drawing shown, the "Splash"
will have vary short wings (although it has "foldable" wings there just isn't
anywhere for very long wings to be stored). Thus, I doubt such a vehicle could
rise more than a few feet off the water.

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I want one of these.


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Roger -

Those Speedy craft utilizing Ground effect are pretty neat. I've read
about one or two before, but didn't realize there were so many. I also have not
encountered the WIG acronynm before. Thanks for sharing. From the subject line
I thought we were indeed going to see a tri-capable vehicle which one or more
of them may indeed be. Are any of them actually "cars" capable of taking to
the road?
"Splash" Nelson

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